Technically, the visor is used for the sole purpose of protection against elements of sun, fog, wind and rain – not to mention the all-important bug-diffuser! Some are clear tints, others are colored to suit one’s needs – they may even be artistically designed to match your personality!

Such as with the jacket, the pants and boots, the visor is now equally disguised as an added piece of jewelry to the headgear, to impress the overall look of the dress code and style.

But there’s more to the purpose of the visor than I think we give it credit for?! It is the “window” to the soul – the visible screen from which we can hide our invisible emotions, whether the “veil” is a full screen one, or offers only partial covering.

When the visor is down, you can choose to become anyone you wish to at that moment! You can be the archetypal villain, whose goal it is to forcefully oppose that of the hero, who is standing in your way – you plot and plan their defeat!

You might even take on the identity of the super hero, with extraordinary powers or abilities, exceptional skills using advanced equipment and technology. You have super strength, enhanced senses and will conquer the villain at all cost!

Looking through our personal screen, we see the world in such a way that it must make the most sense to us. We establish “vision” in the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom.

You feel that although you can be seen, no one can “see” you – you’re invincible to the outside forces. You think you hold the advantage of being able to see everyone and everything and that no one can see you, watching them! Maybe you gleam him a look sitting in the vehicle parked next to you, or maybe you clutch her strut as she walks across the road? “The soul can speak through the eyes, and kiss with a look”…

For those in the know, planning for a trip to the Margate Bike Festival is not as easy as throwing in some T’s and underwear (oh, and a toothbrush, we hope) into a backpack and hitting the road! There’s a little more precision involved…accommodation (and who bunks with whom?) – bike services – support vehicles – spare trailer (with spare bike…because really; we need a spare bike more than we need spare underwear)! And let’s not forget the finances that need to be saved for: petrol – breakfast – toll fees – lunches – braai’s – day out to U-Shaka - (“uhm…don’t ask!”). So needless to say, much planning and preparation went into this venture.

Fast track to the 26th of April 2018…the sun barely cracking over the horizon and a few eager beavers (dressed up as Yeti’s – LOL) are at the usual meeting spot before anyone else. Actually, they don’t want to own up, but we think that they bunked out there for the night – like one does for a concert! Personally, we also think some were scared they would over-sleep, miss the “mass engine start up” and maybe, even get left behind!

In fact, not one to be left behind, the usual tail-gunner (Mojo) carefully negotiates her way into getting someone else to head up the rear end, and fast makes her way to the front of the pack! Sleek move girl! No one wants to look into butt-crack for 600+ km’s…

Engines hot – stands up – communication systems on – and away they go!

The first stretch of monotonous highway takes us through to Van Reenen’s, but never a missed opportunity than to drop a gear or two, increase speed and take to the twists and turns that Van Reenen’s offers. Lean to the left, lean to the right – sit up for a split se…lean to the left and again to the right. Man! Pure bliss…

“Uhm – yoh dudes; anyone see the support vehicle? Eish! These cagers!


I recently interviewed some ladies within the biking world to share their views on “women in biking”; if they thought there was a place for women in this male-dominant society; if they believed women played an important role, if any role at all, and overall, what their thoughts of women in biking were?

It was quite interesting to see how the comments differed from the feedback received, depending on where the “biker” lady existed in the biking world.

At the outset, I think it (ir)-relevant to get the “wannabe’s” out the way. There are some ladies who refer to themselves as bikers, even though they are only pillions, have only recently joined the biking circle through association with their partner, who rides out now and again to the countryside! This group of ladies will tell you straight out, that they don’t think much of bikers - especially those who belong to clubs, and think that they are nothing more than trouble makers and dirty ‘ol grease balls! Hahaha. Being a lady (biker) myself, I opted to not respond too harshly to such comments. The biker in me would bitch-slap you, but the lady in me, says “be kind - for they know not what they speak of…” A jacket, boots and helmet (and a back seat) don’t make you no biker! But we are not unkind, and to these ladies we say: “we take our helmets off to you and wish you many joyous miles, catching the scenery from behind”.

Now for the more serious (and perhaps more relevant) comments regarding women in biking…

Legitimate lady bikers find themselves in the world of biking through different associations: some because of their partners or spouses and who then came to learn the pleasures of riding motorbikes too. Many of these ladies are part of a club, registered to a council or otherwise. Hell, some women are even Club Presidents!

Our Story

25 years  ago a man by the name of Mike "Green Lantern Ninja" had a dream of starting a bike club with a difference - being a family club, no drinking and riding, no speeding, legal bikes on the road, clean bikes, no vulgar language or signs and the wearing of protective gear for every ones safety. Every time he tried to get a club going, it was like hitting a brick wall as he had no support from his family.  Years later he got divorced but still carried on riding his bike with friends and at times by himself.  He started dating new ladies with very little luck because of his biking passion (the negative comments were eye opening but he never gave up).

One day in 2002, he met a beautiful woman, now known as "Mojo" in the biking world. They grew very close and today this lady is his wife (lucky man that he is). They never discussed likes or dislikes and one Saturday he told Mojo that he would not see her on Sunday. He was asked "Why" and he told her that he was going to join some friends on a breakfast run. He thought that it would be the end of their friendship.  She asked him if he had a bike and he replied. “YES”.  She then asked him if she could join him on the breakfast run and he replied “for sure” and this is where his biking life began again with a big force of biking power.