I recently interviewed some ladies within the biking world to share their views on “women in biking”; if they thought there was a place for women in this male-dominant society; if they believed women played an important role, if any role at all, and overall, what their thoughts of women in biking were?

It was quite interesting to see how the comments differed from the feedback received, depending on where the “biker” lady existed in the biking world.

At the outset, I think it (ir)-relevant to get the “wannabe’s” out the way. There are some ladies who refer to themselves as bikers, even though they are only pillions, have only recently joined the biking circle through association with their partner, who rides out now and again to the countryside! This group of ladies will tell you straight out, that they don’t think much of bikers - especially those who belong to clubs, and think that they are nothing more than trouble makers and dirty ‘ol grease balls! Hahaha. Being a lady (biker) myself, I opted to not respond too harshly to such comments. The biker in me would bitch-slap you, but the lady in me, says “be kind - for they know not what they speak of…” A jacket, boots and helmet (and a back seat) don’t make you no biker! But we are not unkind, and to these ladies we say: “we take our helmets off to you and wish you many joyous miles, catching the scenery from behind”.

Now for the more serious (and perhaps more relevant) comments regarding women in biking…

Legitimate lady bikers find themselves in the world of biking through different associations: some because of their partners or spouses and who then came to learn the pleasures of riding motorbikes too. Many of these ladies are part of a club, registered to a council or otherwise. Hell, some women are even Club Presidents!

...Then there are a handful (and growing by leaps and bounds) ladies who have opted to take to the strip on their own bikes and within ladies-only clubs or associations. Not because they don’t have partners in the biking community, not because they are prompted to not follow the code, but simply because they feel more comfortable being with like-minded members. And believe me - anything goes! From superbikes, to cruisers and even off-road! Oh, and by the way, let’s not forget the ladies who are active track racers, and live their life a quarter mile at a time!

Most women who are active in the biking world fell in love with the biking values, as it matched their own personal values. There is a definitive and underestimated camaraderie that exists, living according to the road’s unwritten rules. The values and codes lived and loved within the biking community are hardly possible to express in words alone.

Regardless of gender, the biking world are renowned for their charity and support work, their humbled spirits, each one having a true authenticity, a keen sense of adventure and more than that, a level of independence scarcely felt by some. Nothing is more exhilarating than the open road, the sounds of the roaring engines in a pack, the rumbling of a “coming togetherness” - it really is hard to put into words!

Women of biking definitely have a positive role to play (and even more so than ever before)! Why? Women do not have over-sensitized egos, hence can think more logically and strategically (sorry boys - uhm...I mean, men!) and in so doing, bring a certain element of balance to the biking community. They are no longer “just in the background” but share the forefront through their individualism and well grounded ethics.

A true lady biker will always understand (and follow through) the code of LOVE, LOYALTY, HONOUR & RESPECT.

On a final note, to anyone who doesn’t understand the biking community or what we do, make the effort to learn and get to know us. Some of us might work with you, maybe even take care of your children in the day - maybe we’re your banker, your doctor, your hairdresser or your charitable donator, your local baker, dietician or candlestick maker!

We are no different to you. We simply wear our hearts on our sleeves, maybe even on a patch - regardless, we are sisters in biking, and we salute you!

Independent article written by the PRO of Laidback MC - A club with a difference!