Our Story

25 years  ago a man by the name of Mike "Green Lantern Ninja" had a dream of starting a bike club with a difference - being a family club, no drinking and riding, no speeding, legal bikes on the road, clean bikes, no vulgar language or signs and the wearing of protective gear for every ones safety. Every time he tried to get a club going, it was like hitting a brick wall as he had no support from his family.  Years later he got divorced but still carried on riding his bike with friends and at times by himself.  He started dating new ladies with very little luck because of his biking passion (the negative comments were eye opening but he never gave up).

One day in 2002, he met a beautiful woman, now known as "Mojo" in the biking world. They grew very close and today this lady is his wife (lucky man that he is). They never discussed likes or dislikes and one Saturday he told Mojo that he would not see her on Sunday. He was asked "Why" and he told her that he was going to join some friends on a breakfast run. He thought that it would be the end of their friendship.  She asked him if he had a bike and he replied. “YES”.  She then asked him if she could join him on the breakfast run and he replied “for sure” and this is where his biking life began again with a big force of biking power.

Mojo and he started riding more and more. Mojo started meeting other biking clubs and they did a lot of charity runs. They started riding for a bike club where he became the Road Captain and Mojo, the Secretary. They really enjoyed the riding but not the speeding and politics and then decided to leave the bike club and start their own bike club.
In September 2011 Green Lantern Ninja, Mojo and a couple of their friends took to the road and went to The Rhino in Harrismith. They rode through the Golden Gate into Clarence and at that point they realized that they had made the right decision to to start their own bike club. Upon their return to Joburg they started the ball rolling.

Mojo and Green Lantern Ninja agreed on the name Amigos M.C, which they published, as the name had to be cleared for a three month period. Two weeks before the three months was up, the Hells Angels called Green Lantern Ninja and rejected the name and instructed him not use this name as it had a bad name in the USA and they did not want any club associated to the name in South Africa. They agreed and had to start the whole procedure again.  At the time, they submitted three names to be cleared. The three names were cleared and then the bike club started with the name Laidback Bikers M.C

A good friend of theirs, Joker joined as a founder and the hard work began to design a patch. Green Lantern Ninja started a design early one morning while waiting for his staff to arrive at his factory and from that sketch they started adding on all the ideas they had come across.  Elements from photos of a house in the North and a packet of big korn bites were added to the design. They went one step further, and added an element from a puzzle from Mochachoes to the patch. A week before the design was sent in for printing and embroidery, a Tequila bottle was added to the patch.  Then it was up to Mojo and Joker to sort out the fonts. It was a big story to get the patch it to the end result and we have a lot of proud of.

Mojo then started with all the paper work for all the members that wanted to join this friendly bike club. We started with all the nick names, certificates, creed, price lists, I.D cards, pins, and all the paper work that went with the packs for all the members. We then agreed on a launch date and could not wait for that day to arrive.
The big day arrived and the event was held at the Cornish Kettle where families of the members where all invited including Biker Life Style. The launch started at 14.00 hours on the Saturday and went on until late in the evening.

Mission statement To change the worlds perception of motorcycle clubs by at least 1%. To promote biking in a safe, fun manner with the emphasis on proper conduct and respect to each and every member and to grow our club from strength to strength.